Business Account T&C


Updated on 13.08.201​9

1- Definitions


1.2 Account means an active customer account maintained by you, the customer.

1.3 App means the mobile application which provides a platform for making transportation requests and is owned by Yalla Group Ltd, trading as Yalla;

1.4 Booking Services means the services set out below in 2.9, which shall be provided to you by Yalla Group Ltd via the Yalla App.

1.5 Cancellation Fee means the fee charged for cancellation of a transportation request.

1.6 Pick Up Location means the location notified by you via the App to be picked up by a Driver;

1.7 Customer means the individual making a request via Yalla’s mobile application platform for Transportation Services. A reference to “you”, “your”, "rider" or "passenger" shall be construed as a reference to the Customer;

1.8 Customer Account means the Customer’s account with Yalla which contains the Customer’s personal information including their name, email address, phone number;

1.9 Data Protection Laws means the General Data Protection Regulation, together with all legislation made thereunder and any other laws relating to the processing of Personal Data, in each case as amended, superseded or replaced from time to time;

1.10 Driver means a Transportation Provider who is an independent contractor and has entered into a driver agreement with Yalla to provide transportation services to users of the App;

1.11 Fees means the fare charges payable by the Customer in connection with the Transportation Services and the as further outlined in Condition 4;

1.12 Final Location means the location notified by the Customer using the App as the final destination for the Transportation Services;

1.13 Yalla means Yalla Group Ltd a company established under the laws of England and Wales with company number 11848061 and references to “us” or “we” shall be construed accordingly;

1.14 Intellectual Property Rights means any and all patents, trademarks and service marks, registered designs, design rights and copyright, moral rights, rights in data and databases and other protectable lists of information, rights in confidential information, trade secrets, inventions and know how, trade and business names, domain names, get ups, logos and trade dress (including all extensions, revivals and renewals, where relevant) in each case whether registered or unregistered and application for any of them and the goodwill attaching to any of them and any rights or forms of protection of a similar nature and having equivalent or similar effect to any of them which may subsist anywhere in the world;

1.15 Trip means the journey from the pickup location to the final destination as defined by the customer via the App;

1.16 Trip Request means a request for Transportation Services by the Customer via the App;

1.17 Privacy Policy means Yalla’s privacy policy available on the website at

1.18 Personal Data has the meaning set out in the Data Protection Laws;

1.19 Services means the platform for requesting Drivers, through the App for Transportation Services;

1.20 Transportation Services means transportation services to be provided to you by a third-party Licensed Driver who has entered into a driver agreement with Yalla.

1.21 Transportation Provider means a provider of transportation services, including any drivers licensed to carry out private hire bookings.

1.22 Waiting Fee means the sum charged for each minute a Driver is waiting for you at any time during the Trip.

1.23 Website shall mean

2- Sign-up for Business Account

2.1 Before using Yalla Business account as a rider you need to join your employer Business Account.

2.2 Business Account allows you to register Passengers as Users under your account

2.3 Users agrees that only Users meeting the following criteria are eligible to use Yalla Business Account as users:

2.3.1 The user Yalla personal account active.

2.3.2 Users has confirmed their phone number provided in their personal account.

2.4 When you accept or add a user to your business account you agree to settle your user’s payment if the payment method is (paid by the business)

2.5. After the successful signup Yalla will provide You with the username and the password to access your Business Account panel at

2.6 For every Business Account just one admin panel with one admin username and one admin password.

2.7 Your Business Panel will allow You to:

1- View the list of the riders who is linked to your business account

2- Remove the riders from Business Account. Accept, suspend the users.

3- View the trip details

4- View the invoices.

5- Yalla con not add or remove any user to your business account

2.8 The business Account cannot be used by third parties under any circumstances.

2.9 The business account holder has to unlink the rider from the business account in case of loss or theft of the user mobile device

2.10 If the user's personal account is suspended or permanently close, the User's access to Your Business Account will also be suspend.

2.11 Yalla can add, remove or update features to Yalla Business Account at any time, such as offers and bonuses to the users.

3- Payments

3.1 The Business Account holder will be liable to Yalla for the payment of all the trips booked by the users.

3.2 The Business Account holder agree to pay any fines or fees and any other charges such a cancelation fees.

3.3 When the trip finish using your Business Account, Yalla will add amount to your account.

3.4 All payments will process in your local currency.

3.5 Your weekly statement will be ready by the end of the week.

3.6 You need to make the payment within 7 days from the date of the statement.